Wednesday 11th March – Meeting 6

Today’s meeting we met up with the whole new group which merged between two groups. so our group was now 6 people;

    – Nibia Waheed
    – Mark Lucas
    – Luke Clarke
    – Grace Miller
    – Ashley Howatson-Tout
    – Nic Baxter

After the merge and the first meeting, we decided to go with the idea myself, Luke and Mark had come up with (Jobs4Stduents web application) as there was more done to the application to go ahead with.

Me and Grace then started on the PHP for the web application, this was so that we can finally get the back end done to the web application so that Mark and Luke can carry on with the CSS after the main part was done.

As I had done already done the sign up page PHP & CSS, Then grace had helped me do the login page which had already the CSS done to it as it was the same CSS to the sign up page.


Research – Login Pages

as I was doing the PHP for the Login Pages, i decided to look into the CSS of other login pages and see how they were set up. i looked into 3 different sites and the login pages all looked familiar with slight differences.

Google login page


I liked the google page for the login as it was quite straight forward and wasn’t too confusing for its users. its simplicity and the fact that the page didnt have anything else on it apart from the login form.

WordPress login


The same reasons as to why I liked the wordpress, the simplicity. however this gave the user the option to go back to the web tools, which meant this gave the user the option to login or go back. what I realised that on none of these forms there wasn’t an option to sign up if the user hasn’t got an account, taking into account that they must have clicked on to the login button, although the buttons are easily located on both of the websites.



I loved the way that this login page was set up. The background made the whole page a lot more interesting, I like the way the logo was used in the background not only this but it didnt have a seprate box for the login form it allowed it to be on the page and behind the form the background image is kept simple so that there isnt too much going on for the users to be distracted from what they were looking for.

Logo – Web Application

For the web application we’re making I was asked to make the logo.


This was the first design I created for Jobs4Students, it was the most simplest logo and it would be something customers would remember the logo. After I had created this logo I didn’t like the way it looked, there was a lot of room for improvement.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 15.34.06

this logo was the second logo I made, it was a lot more interesting, we wanted to keep the purple scheme as we thought that it worked well, but while doing research we reaslied there were a few websites that had that colour scheme so we wanted to do something different.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 14.00.36

Final design for the logo, this was the last change that we made which was the colour of the previous design. this design fitted what we wanted our website to be about. The logo design was something that customers would remember, and by using a phone/location icon it made it more modern and allowed students to know how easy it is to use the web application.

Wednesday 25th Feb – Meeting 5

Todays meeting

In todays meeting we all got on with separate parts of the web-application

  • Mark – Homepage and photos (header)
  • Luke – Footer & About us (completion)
  • Nibia – Wiki, Logo, & Login page
  • we all spent roughly 4 hours today trying to start different pages, towards the end we took photo’s and also all sat around to see how the about page was working and allowed eachother to adjust what needed to be adjusted.

    Monday 23rd Feb – Meeting 3

    Mockups & About Us

    In today’s meeting we decided on how we were going to set up the whole website, Luke, Mark & Me had started to create the about page as it was just something that needed to be done by 26/02/2015. we decided that we would change this according to the mock ups that I make in Then we decided

    The Following is what was made in moqups:


    Homepage: We all decided to go with the colour theme of Purple, White and Purple Grey. We wanted to keep it basic and easy to use for the users, and also make it less harsh on the eyes. It’s set out so that everything is view-able and it has shortcuts to all pages within the web-application



    Login: This will be the standard Login page for the students it will be set up and linked to most of the pages where you need to Login in to be able to get into the website. To login you’ll need to be a BU student as the ID will be used for the username. This page will also be the same as the Staff Login page as they will need to use there staff ID. These are both shown in both images above.



    Jobs page (student and staff): Both of these designs are made easy to use with the user in consideration, they allow both student and staff to filter the search result by Categories, Part-Time/Full-Time and the date it was added. The only Difference between the Students and the staff, is that the Staff are allowed to add, edit or change anything that has been added by any staff member.


    Jobs Information Page This page allows the students and the staff to see the job details in depth and it allows the students to click Apply Now it then takes them into the employers/company website in which they can apply. These pages also give the students an option to Save to list and also the staff are the only ones who are allowed to edit that information or delete the job.

    AboutUs(Meet the team)

    About Us Page: The information on this page is about the team who created the Web-Application and about the site. the 4 squares are animations so when its hovered over you can see the info about us