Tuesday 24th March – Meeting 9

Today we had completed all of the PHP to the web application. We spent today in the workshop with Kyle to help us with the small parts we didn’t understand fully, just the hide function of the message output and also hiding the job form submission until the user had logged in.

also I had been working on the log in and sign up button trying to put them on the homepage, and Mark and Luke helped me try to style it with a little bit of help from Kyle. all that’s left to do is connect the pages to the buttons so that they lead to the pages relevant.


Monday 23rd March – Meeting 8

Today we met up to carry on with the PHP and add touches to the CSS. Me, Mark & Grace finished up on the php after making all the functions work. we needed to add in the Log in message on the every page which lets the user know they are logged in to their account ‘welcome (username), Log out’ this would also allows the user to Log out.

I had figured out the code, but Mark and Grace were helping me trying to figure out how to hide the message and Log Out until the user had logged into the account. we spent a few hours trying to figure this out however we couldn’t quite understand what to do with the code.

Luke and Mark were also working on the CSS to the rest of the web application. Ashley was doing more research but was also helping us test out the website.

Wednesday 18th March – Meeting 7

As we have been meeting up everyday, we had decided to keep the meeting on Wednesday and keep it short, just to catch up on what everyone had been doing. Me, Grace and Mark, had been getting the PHP done and as we had most of it done. The login & sign up were connected to the database & the submission job form was connecting to the database.

Luke had been working on the CSS for the contact form and contact page.

Ashley had been collecting job information and researching on job pages.

I then thought it would be easy for the sign up page to redirect to the log in page. so we spent most of the day trying to get it to work as there seemed like there was a problem that kept turning up so we constantly when through it, we also asked Kyle to check it through to see what was missing or where the code was going wrong.