Research – Websites

Job Websites
The following 3 websites I looked at are the websites which are related to jobs for students. I looked through these websites to see what other companies have done with there web applications.

I looked into this website for the design aspects. It’s a basic website with all the features that we want to put into our website. The colour scheme of the website it Blue, White and green with hints of other colours, the way the website is laid out its easy to read and follow. It has all the details that the company wants you to know and how the website works, it has easy location for the login buttons and its easy to navigate

Just Student Jobs

Just Student Jobs:
I liked the colour scheme for this website, I liked the way it was presented and I thought the logo was great. however it was visually appealing the shapes and the design was similar to the idea I had in mind. the colour scheme of blue grey white & black go so well together and the colours aren’t too harsh on the eyes. The layout of the website is straight forward, it also gives the option for recruiters to post their jobs on there and it gives them a price, so they aren’t shocked by what the prices are.


Student Job:
This was one of the popular websites for students to find jobs. The colour scheme for this is orange, black and white, its a good colour combination and looks professional. I like the way the website is laid out, it has a search engine as soon as you’re on the page. The nav bar is basic with an underline with what page you’re on. The homepage tells you what the current top employers are, which makes it easier for the students using the website to know what to apply to.


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