Wednesday 11th March – Meeting 6

Today’s meeting we met up with the whole new group which merged between two groups. so our group was now 6 people;

    – Nibia Waheed
    – Mark Lucas
    – Luke Clarke
    – Grace Miller
    – Ashley Howatson-Tout
    – Nic Baxter

After the merge and the first meeting, we decided to go with the idea myself, Luke and Mark had come up with (Jobs4Stduents web application) as there was more done to the application to go ahead with.

Me and Grace then started on the PHP for the web application, this was so that we can finally get the back end done to the web application so that Mark and Luke can carry on with the CSS after the main part was done.

As I had done already done the sign up page PHP & CSS, Then grace had helped me do the login page which had already the CSS done to it as it was the same CSS to the sign up page.


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