Research – Login Pages

as I was doing the PHP for the Login Pages, i decided to look into the CSS of other login pages and see how they were set up. i looked into 3 different sites and the login pages all looked familiar with slight differences.

Google login page


I liked the google page for the login as it was quite straight forward and wasn’t too confusing for its users. its simplicity and the fact that the page didnt have anything else on it apart from the login form.

WordPress login


The same reasons as to why I liked the wordpress, the simplicity. however this gave the user the option to go back to the web tools, which meant this gave the user the option to login or go back. what I realised that on none of these forms there wasn’t an option to sign up if the user hasn’t got an account, taking into account that they must have clicked on to the login button, although the buttons are easily located on both of the websites.



I loved the way that this login page was set up. The background made the whole page a lot more interesting, I like the way the logo was used in the background not only this but it didnt have a seprate box for the login form it allowed it to be on the page and behind the form the background image is kept simple so that there isnt too much going on for the users to be distracted from what they were looking for.


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