Monday 23rd Feb – Meeting 3

Mockups & About Us

In today’s meeting we decided on how we were going to set up the whole website, Luke, Mark & Me had started to create the about page as it was just something that needed to be done by 26/02/2015. we decided that we would change this according to the mock ups that I make in Then we decided

The Following is what was made in moqups:


Homepage: We all decided to go with the colour theme of Purple, White and Purple Grey. We wanted to keep it basic and easy to use for the users, and also make it less harsh on the eyes. It’s set out so that everything is view-able and it has shortcuts to all pages within the web-application



Login: This will be the standard Login page for the students it will be set up and linked to most of the pages where you need to Login in to be able to get into the website. To login you’ll need to be a BU student as the ID will be used for the username. This page will also be the same as the Staff Login page as they will need to use there staff ID. These are both shown in both images above.



Jobs page (student and staff): Both of these designs are made easy to use with the user in consideration, they allow both student and staff to filter the search result by Categories, Part-Time/Full-Time and the date it was added. The only Difference between the Students and the staff, is that the Staff are allowed to add, edit or change anything that has been added by any staff member.


Jobs Information Page This page allows the students and the staff to see the job details in depth and it allows the students to click Apply Now it then takes them into the employers/company website in which they can apply. These pages also give the students an option to Save to list and also the staff are the only ones who are allowed to edit that information or delete the job.

AboutUs(Meet the team)

About Us Page: The information on this page is about the team who created the Web-Application and about the site. the 4 squares are animations so when its hovered over you can see the info about us


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