Friday 20th – Meeting 2

Today’s meeting we met up to discuss what the app idea would be about and what we can do that will help our target audience.

1st Idea;

  • Second hand Devices (Mark & Luke)
    • allow students to upload devices they are selling (laptops, mobile phones etc.)
    • allow them to filter where and what and the make they are looking for.
    • this would allow students to sell and buy the thing they are looking for and get rid of what they dont need anymore
    • we then decided to broaden it to the clothes and any item they are selling.

2nd Idea;

  • Music Website
    • we had another idea creating a website such as soundcloud, where people can upload their music files and share it with everyone, however we then realised it wasn’t as different but also it meant that we would have to create two databases and it would get a bit much.

3rd Idea;

  • Jobs Site (Jobs4Students)
    • I then put an idea across of a jobs website, because i know that there are soo many students looking for jobs, so if we make a website for jobs part time and jobs for graduate students, this will help people find jobs in a easier way than getting disheartened, by not finding anything.
    • we then all thought of an easier was to get around this, we then decided to keep it based on students of Bournemouth University, and the staff. this was so that students could log in using their student id’s and their password would be the same.
    • after this we then decided to come up with names for the website which we narrowed down to Jobs4Students or Jobs@Students.
    • we then decided on a colour scheme of Purple, White and Grey/purple, as it wasnt something that was to in your face it would allow the viewer to be comfortable with the site.

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