After I had made each mic, I then made hat or hair for each mic. individually I really liked it, but put together it was too much going on and it took away from the mic the following is what it looked like:Untitled-1

as the hats and hair came of the poster it felt as if it was missing something as it was just too simple, it needed something to bring some sort of colour to it, and allow it to be easier for people to understand what the data was about. so I looked through scenes of a concert, and decided to do out of focused spotlights.

concert images

I did this to make it easy for people to recognize each genre of music however it made it look like there was too much going on. so to make it less crowded I decided to make leads going from the mic to the number of people who voted for the genre they prefer, this would look better than having the number in the mic. so I tried to make the font to fit but it just didn’t look right(left image) it just felt a little bit childish and I couldn’t seem to get the curves right, so I needed something with more straight edges. I did some more research on typography and wanted to look for the right font that I needed. ( i went through the font space website and looked through everything and decided that the following was the best font to use for the mic leads (right image).

first typesecond type


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