I have been thinking of different ways that stand out to represent my data. so i looked into words that look like their meanings. and this is what i found:

Elderly Common Diseases in word collage HORSE (FINAL)

once I saw these i came up with a new idea. i wanted to make a mic out of artists of those specific genres, so i decided to make the image of the idea on illustrator so it looked like what i wanted it to look like. once i had figured out exactly how i wanted to do it, the following image is the jpeg of my file of how i want my mic’s to turn out:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 14.57.38

once I had done 6 of these in Illustrator, something felt like it was missing there was no essence of defining each mic as its own, and i realised that people wouldn’t be intrigued by what was on the poster so i needed something to help identify the mic’s, and also a bit of colour. Looking at the top 6 genres I had picked i decided that i should chose something from that genre that stands out. I first thought about having the top of the mic as the album and single covers, but there would be an issue with

Reggae – Dreadlocks

Classic – Composer Hands

Hip/hop & Rap – Flat Cap

Soul & R’n’B – Afro

Country – Cowboy Hat

Rock – Spikey Hair with Extreme Colours


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