Research – Other Data Analysis Posters

In the seminar on Wednesday we all were given various colour balloons depending on what topic we chose to go for, for this task. after we had the balloons we had to blow them up to how enthusiastic we were about that specific subject. Once the balloons were blown up, we then put them on the table, in which Paul took a picture of them in various ways. we did this to show how we can visualize a mass of data. We then looked at a website called ‘information is beautiful’ ( in this website people come up with various ways to visualize data to make it look good. here are a few examples of some of the designs below:

1276_chicks_rule Figure 1

1276_mountains_molehills_aug2014-22 - death rate

Figure 2

I really liked the way the information was presented on both of these. The chick rule (figure 1) was similar to the way I wanted represent my data. I liked the way it was very simple and it had the information there with no problems and it wasnt so hard to figure out the information either. Figure 2 was mountains out of a molehill, which I thought was a clever way to represent the data, as they looked like mountains and hills. I liked the way it was layout but it also seemed very straight forward and wasn’t so exciting. After I had taken my time looking through ‘information is Beautiful’ website i decided to look into different websites and view what other people have done to visualize data in a more interesting way. ( Wi-fi-to-sound-620x623 I thought that this way of presenting data was really interesting, i really thought it stood out and this poster data was ‘Wireless networks translated to sound’. The second one I really liked was: ( there were two that really caught my eye and i thought that it was an amazing way to visualize data the way that it just looked interesting and made you want to know more about it. Stack



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