Task – Assignment 1 – A2 poster

Development & realisation

Design Analysis

In this assignment, we need to research, plan and make a ‘Communication Design A2 poster’. The weblogs I post will be based on the research and planning of this poster, its purpose is to track research and development of my idea, throughout the next few weeks when my poster is finalised. For this poster we have to select a theme from a list that is given, the following list includes:

  • Where have you been and when?
  • What is your social network?
  • How many documented meteor impacts have there been?
  • Who live the longest?
  • What is the fattest country?
  • Where do different genders shop?
  • Who knows each other and how in Star Wars?
  • What type of music is the most popular?
  • Who has the largest carbon footprint?
  • How does the hydrologic cycle (also known as water cycle) work?

Out of the 10 subjects I have decided to do ‘what type of music is the most popular’. I have decided to choose this subject because I’m really into music, but not only this but as soon as I saw this as a subject my mind drifted of thinking in various ideas.

  • Music notes
  • Wave forms
  • Loading bar
  • Piano keys
  • Microphone etc.

And so on, there’s so many ways to design the communication. There are 22 different types of music genre that I could gather with my research, and I also found the data to go with it.

The following is the data that I have found with votes going on still (http://www.musicgenreslist.com/) :


I wanted to either use the idea of Music Notes, microphone or Piano keys, because these are the simplest ways I can see the information being presented. I want to focus on the Microphone, as I would like to use a microphone as a stamp, and with every genre the colour of the stamp changing. as the colour changes this will signify the different type of genres.

example of how the stamp may look:


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