Task 4 – Kinetic Typography Outcome

For my kinetic typography piece, I decided to go along with the spoken word piece i had chosen, after i had gone through 2 i thought this one would be the best one to work with. I wanted a way to do it in which the words came up exactly when they were spoken. To do this I used the Software Logic Pro X, which my partner had on his mac. which this i chopped up the piece to find out the exact timings of the words. I did this because I found using the asterisk key way a little bit confusing as it never seemed to be on time. Once I had done that I then started putting in all the words at the right timing, then when the words were in place I went through one by one and did the effects on them.

DSC_0720 DSC_0721

I really enjoyed doing this task, as I am really into typography. However, I could have improved this a lot more by using different style of effects and allowing myself to go in depth with the design. If I had the time to redo this I would change the style completely and try more complicated things, like the one I had done my research on. I found this 17 year old Student who did the same thing to a spoken word piece and it looked amazing, with more time and focusing on this more on a bigger project scale I would’ve loved to have redone this.

The following video is one I had researched by a 17 year old Student called Saar, based on a spoken word piece by Sulli Breaks:

I absolutely loved this kinetic typography piece and the fact that he was a 17 year old was very impressing. This video he had created went viral over different means of social media, not only due to his impressive skills but also by choosing an piece of audio which means something, and is something that people can relate to. The reason I like this piece was due to the way he made the words flow through by using different types of effects and using words to create the image which the spoken words artist was saying.  also by it being something simple it allowed the audience to focus on the words and what was being said.

If I have the chance to continue this for a project I would love to carry on working in Adobe After Effects and create a piece which is unique and different.


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