Task 4 – Kinetic Typography

For this task we have to generate a sequence which is 20 seconds or more, in which we use kinetic typography in which we learned how to do in the workshops, it also has to have a soundtrack which has a voice, which is suggested to use one from an existing piece of media, and to only use words and avoid using images.

I have chosen to base mine on a Spoken words piece by a guy who goes by the name of ‘Prince ea’. He is known for his spoken word pieces which he has been making, the reason I chose this piece was because it was positive and it had a meaning behind it. I want to keep mine basic as this means that i can focus on the Kinetic Typography and nothing else.

I am also planning out where each timing of each word is within this piece so it allows me to put the words in the right place not only this but it allows the words to appear at the right time otherwise it will look all over the place.


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