Task 3 – Animation


The sequence I drew in the seminar was an image of a flipping coin, so i decided to draw this in to Photoshop and put it into a time line which allowed me to create a GIF which is a sequence of images. I chose to do something basic so that I got the hand of using Photoshop timeline as this was the first time of me using this. I found it easy to use. If i could change this i’d pick a more complicated piece to do as this would show that I am capable of something that has a little more to it.

CM141107-135106001This was my real life GIF, as I had mentioned in the last post that i was look to focus on ‘Feng Shui Cycle of Elements’. However, doing the whole of the cycle would’ve been complicated so I decided to focus on ‘Fire’ as this was something I found Interesting, the way it intertwines and the colour changes, and the colours red, blue and orange. The Feng Shui Cycle is very interesting as it has a creative cycle.

WATER nourishes WOOD


FIRE generates EARTH (ash)



If I could i would change the element to water, as water is a cycle in many ways, its needed for a lot of different things for example its necessary for a plant to have water for its nutrients and to create its food. I would take a Photo’s of a plant growing over the year if i had much longer to do this task.


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