Task 1 -Alphabet Photography

Concept & Ideation

The first task in concept and ideation, was to create our own Photo-Alphabet. We needed to do this by using still portrait shots of shapes which could be formed as an letter.  I used the alphabet photography website for research (http://www.alphabetphotography.co.uk/), through viewing examples they gave me an impressions of being old/vintage, they were based on something that was man made, and they all were sepia this unified them,  this made it easier to tell that they were grouped together. This widen my imagination on what i could possibly do, and how to take these shots. I also looked into a nature theme, which had bright colours, all were quite obvious that they were related.


From reviewing the websites and testing words, I decided to base my theme on the views outside and nature. This included trees, a form of building or cracks in the ground, I thought this would be a great way of showing texture, shape and form. this also meant I could do my research at a larger scale and think a lot more in detail about how i wanted the alphabet to look like and how i would unify them as one. By doing it on a larger scale, this meant that there was a lot more areas to look at and a lot more to find. I decided to walk around southbourne and also go back to reading to look for more, and take 26 photos which looked like letters from the alphabet.


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